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Bill Maher - New Rules

Real Time with Bill Maher
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Good one; thanks for posting this Norm.

big tent --> sideshow was great as well as a few others. I can help him out on Michelle B: cranial-rectal inversion, my friend!

Remember how some people were saying that once Bush was out of office that there would be less things to make fun of?

It seems like the comedy has only gotten better!

Maybe, now that Obama is in office, the court jesters have been able to stop trying to point out that the Emperor isn't wearing any clothes, and now they can make some fresh jokes.

It seems like the comedy has only gotten better!

I have to agree- and not only funnier, but more honest than we've seen in awhile.

Good things are happening.

Still hit or miss though. Some days it feels like they (the funny ones) don't know how to play the joke. But the good jokes are better imho.


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