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Anger's Aweigh

Granting vigilantes the right to shoot pirates on the high seas is the free market at its best.

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Anger's Aweigh
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Colbert let the mask slip on this one - just couldn't keep a straight face. A funny, silly clip.

Ron Paul has an 18th Century solution to this 17th Century problem- a damn funny one-liner.

But seriously- as a fan of Andrew Jackson- why is this such a terrible idea?

How does it differ from municipalities hiring private bounty hunters to grab scofflaws?

Do Bounty hunters shoot the scofflaws?

Do they get the money for any Somali in a boat with a gun or do they have to be flying a pirate flag? Arrrrrrgh!!!

Aye, those bilge rats need to be walkin the plank, arr! Sos we can get a bounty for them and thar lads and lasses upon the return.

And yes we want only those flying the skull and cross bones, ye land lubber!


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