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Rush Limbaugh Racist?

Real Time with Bill Maher

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You know I think we all know Rush is both Racist AND Sexist, but I get annoyed with this whole "Code Word" accusation as well. There are plenty of blatantly Racist things this man has said over the years, there's no need to jump to this whole, "Code Word" nonsense to pin him on it.

I think they weren't expecting to talk about this so they didn't list specifics (more than his time as a sports commentator and a few others) so they had to address his whole underlying message.

Breitbart whoever he was was really a joke. He started in on the whole libertarian thing which has become Republican light - and then it was the: I used to be a liberal Democrat garbage like David Horowitz. I think these guys are really stereotypes and so obviously just go with the flow (and non-thought) of political marketing.

I read that, and I have one question: is it still okay to refer to Human Resource employees as "HR Chicks"?

Of course not! That would be offensive!

For those who don't think that Rush is Racist, read these quotes and listen to this clip. There are no "Code Words" here, it's just blatant racist venom...

"Take that bone out of your nose and call me back.":(In refrence to a Black Caller)

"Have you ever noticed how all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?"

"The NAACP should have riot rehearsal. They should get a liquor store and practice robberies."

...And this is just scratching the surface, there is a whole stock pile of quotes like this from Rush over the years.

Here are some more...

"I mean, let’s face it, we didn’t have slavery in this country for over 100 years because it was a bad thing. Quite the opposite: slavery built the South. I’m not saying we should bring it back; I’m just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark."

"You know who deserves a posthumous Medal of Honor? James Earl Ray [the confessed assassin of Martin Luther King]. We miss you, James. Godspeed."

"Look, let me put it to you this way: the NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons. There, I said it."

"They’re 12 percent of the population. Who the hell cares?"

"I think the media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well. They’re interested in black coaches and black quarterbacks doing well. I think there’s a little hope invested in McNabb and he got a lot of credit for the performance of his team that he really didn’t deserve."

And Imus went down before him? What a mad world we find ourselves in.

I was thinking the exact same thing.

How did Imus "go down" before Limbaugh? Neither one of them have a job on cable television. The only way that Imus "went down" is that he lost he cable news job. Limbaugh never was on cable tv.

WOW -------- That is what people are listening to? What a pig he is (I know - that was obvious...)

Breitbart should be embarrassed for defending him. I hope people are sending him a lot of examples....


Those "quotes" are from the Truthiness wiki. A Colbert related satirical wikipedia page.

These "quotes" are found all over the internet. That said, I can't find how they are documented. There are plenty of hateful statements from reliable sources though. This was an interesting round-up.

Looking around, though, I never realized what a hateful, awful man Limbaugh was. I knew about the Michael J. Fox Parkinson's mocking but I had blocked it, I guess. What I didn't realize is how much he hates women. It is truly pathological. That any Republicans even acknowledge him is amazing - much less their ringing endorsement.

Wow - what a horrible, horrible man.

If you don't source them, they're not sourced. So don't try to bootstrap.

Frankly I heard more racist nonsense coming from the mouth of Maher and Dyson than I've heard from any Conservative or Republican. Maher routinely does the "big package even for a black guy" and other stereotype-driven nonsense in his stand-up. And Dyson's shuck-and-jive poor-man's-Jesse-Jackson routine should be embarrassing to everyone. Every one of his nonsensical, double-talk rants ended with him throwing in a "ya feel me brotha?!" or "god-DAMN!" type punctuation that the smugly racist crowd just ate up.

Not to mention the racist statement that Clarence Thomas couldn't represent black people, or any Conservative black person couldn't represent black people, or that when white people speak they use 'code words', and on and on and on. But recognizing their own hypocrisy has never been a liberal's strong suit.

As for Michael J. Fox - certainly we all should feel for the man suffering from a debilitating ailment. But he admitted that he took too much of his medication before filming that PSA just to exaggerate his symptoms.

This is probably why nobody took the Michael J. Fox bait that Dyson threw out last night - because in this case, as usual, Rush was right.

But he admitted that he took too much of his medication before filming that PSA

...that much is true...

just to exaggerate his symptoms

... and that is absolute horseshit.

Read">">Read (or listen to) the interview.

it's bad enough you used wiki as a source; but worse still that you managed to misrepresent two sentences. Your commitments have blinded you.

JJJ- I did not post the quotes and had no obligation to source them for you.

Actually, I can "bootstrap" on other information - it's called commenting.

Maher says stuff I don't agree with all the time. He also makes some very interesting points that will succinctly state something I do agree with but I never would've said it as well. I don't know who Dyson is unless he also invented a vacuum.

As far as Michael Fox - as Tim said - you got it wrong. You also got wrong what Rush said. Watch the video Tim posted. Then you won't have to misquote people.

I suppose this is why Olbermann refers to him as the comedian. His more crude statements need to be explained away as being jokes.

And the strawman of the hypocritical liberal pastyfaced white elitist.

Hey, lots a liberals here dude. No need to make up some hypothetical character. And we can answer for ourselves. Pundits and comedians have different standards even when offering commentary on the same thing. That said, I think Maher goes to far fairly regularly. Racism however is at its core about the motivation of comments and liberals are more prone to think rush is motivated by race rather then shock value.

Being that he is a former welfare recipient that made his name calling black welfare recipients "welfare Queens" and the like.

They are documented everywhere. I have heard the auto of at least half of these, maybe I can find it for all of them...

Here, I'll lend you a hand:

A Color Man who has a Problem with Color

Top 10 plus 5 video clips

Only thing I'll give jjj/etc. is that Maher has no business saying Clarence Thomas doesn't represent 95% of black people. Not racist per se, but without polling data, just a bullshit retort. The characterization of Micheal Eric Dyson is grasping at straws at best, bullshit of your own in reality.


Those first two quotes are phony

better either MAN UP DUDE and recant or get a lawyer for propagating false information, you are going to need the lawyer if Rush chooses to sue

chick richard Marcia Woddles<

Changing the name of your anon comments doesn't make them more convincing. Are you Rush's lawyer?

... and that is absolute horseshit.

You are partially correct. My phrasing makes it appear that Fox admitted he overmedicated to exaggerate his condition. This was my conclusion (and Limbaugh's) - Fox simply states he overmedicated and is asked no follow-up questions, and no conclusion is drawn.

However Fox does state that he was dyskinesic due to the overmedication. Dyskinesia refers to 'involuntary movement'. Fox overmedicated before the PSA, resulting in exaggeration of his symptoms. So the point stands: despite his claims of innocence, Fox undertook an action to exaggerate his symptoms to make a political statement.

If you find Limbaugh's anger with / mocking of this to be more important than the point itself you are either biased, or you believe that nobody should be able to question a person with a disease. Which is a ridiculous position - creating the 'hallowed arguer' is a step towards removing logic from the debate process.

My point through all this is that criticism of Limbaugh, always from people who have never bothered to listen to him, comes from willful ignorance or bias. Just like the false quotes that supposedly prove his racism. I watch The Daily Show (although not every day). I watch Olbermann sometimes, I watch Maher's show. Why? Because the last thing I want is to go out on a limb and make a statement about those shows and have someone be able to say "you don't watch it, so you don't know what's going on". Plus, frankly, sometimes they're right. I don't pretend that only Conservative commentators know what's going on. I can take fact from both sides.

If you're going to criticize Limbaugh you should at least put in the time to learn what he's actually saying. The plus side is that you'll undoubtedly educate yourself because the man is a smart political commentator, whatever his personal failings.

And as for his personal failings: I've heard much more obnoxious stuff come out of prominent left-wing celebrities and commentators than I've heard from Limbaugh. I could run them all down but really it's pointless. None of you would ever deign to learn about the thing you're decrying; you're just repeating a party line. To you Limbaugh is the devil - that way you don't have to rebut his positions on substance. You can just say "oh he's a racist" and dismiss him entirely. For people who concern themselves with logical fallacies that seems more than a bit disingenuous.

And my portrayal of Dyson is quite accurate. Dyson is a pseudo-intellectual. He has nothing substantive or concrete to offer on any subject. He just blathers. Besides his shuck-and-jive routine I also found it funny that he would negate Maher, Maher would argue with him, and Dyson would immediately say "no no no I agree with you", completely contradicting what he just said and double-talking over the disagreement to try to present a united front. The fact that this man is allowed to 'teach' speaks more about the failing of our educational institutions than a thousand report cards.

I was disappointed that Breitbart didn't talk over him a few times, to rebut the inanity Dyson and Maher were spouting about the fictional "war on science" among other things, but it's not as if Breitbart was brought there for a real conversation. The Conservative on Real Time is just window-dressing, a cardboard cutout meant to be talked over and attacked so Maher can pretend he's giving both sides representation.

Oh - Dyson was the other guy. I didn't know what his name was - he said some things I thought were interesting and some I thought were blather, yes.

Rush said Fox was "acting" or did not take his medication to exaggerate his symptoms. You said Fox said he over-medicated. You say you are making the same assumption Rush is. Under medicated/over-medicated --- It's the opposite but I understand you're saying that you both think he did it to exaggerate his symptoms.

But - you missed the point. Fox was responding to Limbaugh saying he purposely under-medicated. When he said he actually was over-medicated, he didn't mean he purposely took an overdose...he meant that, instead of getting the normal reaction he was looking for (overcoming the Parkinson's symptoms of rigidity and mask face) he was actually too active - he was over-medicated in that sense. He said he's always medicated and it's a mixed bag from day to day and even throughout the day. I'm not quite sure why you are missing that.

And we are watching Rush here. This is footage of Rush and you're saying we should be overlooking how he got his point across.... but why would you want to watch someone who was so unskilled, this is the best way he could make his point - by false claims against a man with a serious illness. And, when he found out he was wrong? Did he apologize? Nope.

And, the more I know about him, the less likely I am to ever listen to him. I'm a feminist and a liberal - that'd be like a Jew going to a rally of Hitler's.

'And, the more I know about him, the less likely I am to ever listen to him. I'm a feminist and a liberal - that'd be like a Jew going to a rally of Hitler's.'

No it wouldn't.

I could just say yes it would but, maybe you were picturing the Leni Riefenstahl later rallys when I was thinking - I don't know - some time pre-Kristallnacht.

Maybe Nazism is too tired. How about a gay person trying to fit under the big tent of the Republicans in 2004.

Many years ago, I listened to Limbaugh for months on end because one of my graduate students liked to play his show in the lab. He’s an overbearing loudmouth who has no compunctions about spouting off on subjects he knows nothing about, and no compunctions about creating caricatures of any group he has issues with. He was especially fond of focusing on the most extreme goofballs among feminists and holding them up as representative of all feminists. I don’t need a thrice-divorced OxyContin addict preaching to me about liberals who are undermining the nation’s values and the evils of medical marijuana use. I don’t need to listen to more of this asshole.

As for the Michael J. Fox bit, both you and Limbaugh chose the least charitable interpretation of Fox’s symptoms as confirmation of your point which you laughably claim “still stands”. Limbaugh says he took no meds so he’s acting, then when it comes out that he took too many, Fox’s motives are still rotten. With fair-minded guys like you and Rush on the job, no other interpretation is possible, is it? My late father-in-law had Parkinson’s disease and his symptoms varied from day to day even at the same level of medication. Jill’s assessment strikes me as by far the most plausible interpretation of Fox’s story.

Your pose of fair-mindedness is ridiculous. If conclusions like yours are fair, then what the hell: What was an unmarried man like Limbaugh doing in the Dominican Republic, one of the biggest sex tourism destinations in the world, with a bottle of Viagra in his luggage?

I've watched and listened to plenty of Limbaugh - 1st as a way to discover what all the fuss was about int he early 90s, then more to educate myself on what he was saying, then by accident (after falling asleep from listening to an Orioles game, I'd wake up to hear...). You assume that noone around here does something like that so you can say we're uninformed as part of your defense of the right wing. You do know what happens when you assume, no?

I and plenty of others have criticized Maher and others on the political left. You choose to ignore that, or because that's not all we do, we must not be doing it enough. Again: quite the debate tactic you're running.

Keep standing by your defense of Limbaugh's remarks. If one throws enough shit, something will hit the intended target, and on occasion Rush does hit. So you'll be right once in a blue moon. On Michael J. Fox, you wanna keep at this? Fine. I hope that neither you nor one of your loved ones suffers a similar fate. That would be bitter crow to digest.

You miss the point on Fox entirely. Rush had no good way of telling that FOx had taken too much or too little.

He hadn't been in the public eye much in recent months and his symptoms were similar but worse to what he had displayed on spin city some time previous.

Most reasonable people he had worsened. Rush disagreed with his political statement so he assumed his increased symptoms were an act and mocked a sick man on the air to demean and insult him.

Even if Fox was putting on an act, Rush's assumptions and actions are none the less disgusting.

But that's the deal with conservatives isn't it, they always miss the point in blind pursuit of their party line. :)

I have listened to Rush a fair number of times, I even watched his TV show. Always found him eager to spew things that were untrue and viscous and personal in his attacks.

Also the audience on his TV show was this crown of stiff older conservatives dressed all remarkably similarly.

Inappropriate code word #2:

Obama likening a bad bowling score to the special olympics. (Youtube clip)

Yeah, I wondered what would come of that when I saw the interview on a hulu clip. Here's what followed Obama's appearance on Jay's show.

People screw up. People can also apologize. Or not. It's just as easy to say "I'm sorry" as not offer amends. In the long run, not apologizing costs much more.

that should read "as not to offer amends"

I just think that it is pathetic that so many people look up to Rush as some sort of phalangist prophet. The leaders of the American conservative movement are pretty weak on intellect these days. William F. Buckley must be rolling in his grave (not that I ever cared for him but at least he was generally civil). And no, I’m NOT going to listen to Limbaugh as the little I have heard has been repugnant enough to prevent further investigation. It would be like me asking a conservative to listen to Susan Sarandon. It was like Bill Maher said during the elections when Obama was campaigning with Al Gore and McCain was with Joe the plumber, “One guy is a Nobel Prize winner and the other guy can get a fork out of your garbage disposal.”

When it comes to politics or the economy you can listen to a fat dumbass like Rush or Paul Krugman, John Ralston Saul or Ann Coulter, read Harper’s Magazine or watch Fox News. I always have asked people where they get their news. I'll hold my sources up to anyone's. Rush isn't a news source; he's a propaganda fountain for an army of small-minded bigots.


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