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Rush Limbaugh, Asshole

Limbaugh on health care legislation: "Before it's all over, it'll be called the Ted Kennedy memorial health care bill"



So, what's so offensive about this new Rush red herring?

I imagine what really offends you is that everything he says in this clip is true: Obama hasn't achieved anything, he just moves from campaign speech to campaign speech, telling us how much he 'cares' about the situation he's actively making worse.

What should offend you is the man spending trillions of dollars on earmarks and pet projects, in a recession, while the nation continues to lose jobs - and then having the audacity to say that he's going to 'stem job loss'. His three other similarly wasteful ~$500 billion packages should offend you. His administration full of tax cheats and lobbyists should offend you. Hell, as a crazy left-winger his steadfast continuation of Bush's 'fascistic' war-on-terror policies should outrage you.

But hey! Look at what Rush said! Pay no attention to the jackass behind the curtain! Look at Rush! It's those evil Conservatives, even though Democrats control both major branches of government! Those damn Conservatives!

You're a joke.

TeafortheTillerMan, calligraph, Johnjacobjingle - and probably more before I started visiting this blog. Somewhere out in the blogosphere, you can find a picture of sad, deluded jackass accompanied by a captions that must be changed every time he morphs into a new identity - presumably so he can avoid association with all the idiotic things he spouted off about in his previous incarnations.

So what do you suggest should be done to solve the economic crises?

bwhahahahahaha! Go ahead and lionize Rush and his ilk. Makes it easier to keep the GOP on the fringes and out of power.

Gosh, I just love the crazed babblings of right-wing concern trolls.

Thank you, Mr. Nuttycakes Dingleberry, for that slapstick comedy gold.

I know you live in an alternate reality that's fabricated in your demented and child-like mind, where such things as facts and rational truths are of course forbidden or banished to the basement, but REALLY, Obama's been in office 46 days and already you're all wound up and hyperventilating and snorting wildly like Bugs Bunny's pal the Tasmanian Devil suffering from rabies.

Forgive me for laughing at you, but what other sane reaction can one have to such piffle as you're spouting?

After 8 years of Republican ownership of the Executive Branch, and with Congress controlled by a clear Republican majority 6 of the last 8 years, this country is so completely screwed in so many perlious ways that it might take a DECADE to reverse the damage. And now you want to convince us we need MORE of that failed ideology? Really? No kidding? Or are you being ironic?

Please spare us the sanctimony and spittle-flecked tirades born out of your cuckoo-nutty belief system that not only ignores reality, but is so hilariously fact-free that there's absolutely nothing substantive in your insane babbling worth refuting by anyone with an ounce of rational thought or sanity.

In the marketplace of ideas, not only has far-right-wing ideology become an epic failure, it is now slapstick comedy right up there with fart jokes and booger flicking in the intellectual pecking order.

You’ve come to Norm’s comments to pick fights, but I’m sorry, I cannot engage in any kind of discourse with someone so obviously out of touch with reality. It just feels…unfair, like arguing with a small, petulant child or a somewhat clever monkey.

wow - nicely said....I especially like "sanctimony and spittle-flecked tirades"

Thank you, Mr. Nuttycakes Dingleberry, for that slapstick comedy gold.

All well and good, but didn't you sorta feel cheated that he didn't throw Al Gore in there while the spittle was flying -I miss it when he leaves him out.

You shouldn't talk that way about the leader of the Republican party!

Want to make yourself really sick? Listen to this sedition by Alan Keys: Alan Keys on Obama

Memorial? Is that subtle hint that Rush plans to kill Ted Kennedy?

Really, sometimes these people get so ridiculous that ad-hominems are all that's needed. There's no arguing with these dumbasses. They're like the political counterpart of creationists (and unsurprisingly there's a huge overlap there).

So "Rush Limbaugh, Asshole" is pretty much exactly right.

Sorry, I don’t listen to Lardo. Life is way too short to spend it paying attention to idiots. If you don’t mind I’ll listen to Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman over this slob.

Is this the same Rush from the book Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot? Because if it is a different Rush Limbaugh that would be quite a coincidence to have two big fat idiots. Seriously, this is the intellectual center of the Republicans? Joe the Plumber, Sarah Palin, and Rush? It’s like these people live in Wonderland where everything is the opposite from what it seems. Rush is some sort of hero for weaseling out of Viet Nam, and ditto for W, but John Kerry and his war medals are mocked. Six years of utter failure in Iraq and now they will blame it all on Obama. I even read somewhere that right-wing shitbags are blaming Obama because the stock market tanked.

They scream about deficit spending during one of the biggest downturns in American history when they were blowing the children’s inheritance on two stupid wars during relatively healthy economic years. They caused most of this mess; Obama is trying to clean it up.

We lost 600,000 jobs last month. The private sector isn't capable of righting itself on its own. We learned this durig the Depression, but Fatboy can't be bothered with history, too many facts.

RL, and those like him, have retreated to their core audience that, like him, has suddenly found itself largely irrelevant. It's kind of amusing watching them flop about like beached fish. But, it scares the crap out of me believing that the percentage of disaffected nutjobs in that core audience is alarmingly high. I fear what a daily dose of inflammatory rhetoric will to to them.

"I hope he fails" now has a lovely codicil: "I hope he dies."

As for that first loopy commenter, Bob Herbert at the Times has a word for him today:

This intense, impatient, often self-righteous, frequently wrongheaded and at times willfully destructive criticism has come in waves, and not just from the right. Mr. Obama is as legitimate a target for criticism as any president. But there is a weird hysterical quality to some of the recent attacks that suggests an underlying fear or barely suppressed rage. It’s a quality that seems not just unhelpful but unhealthy.

johnjacobjingle----your racism is showing. Limbaugh, you and others like you will never like President Obama because he is African American. It's past time to admit the truth. I'm calling you on it. As an African American who has lived in America for over 50 years, I'm not afraid to call it by it's true name. I've seen it and experienced it over and over and over. You're stuck in the 18th century and cannot get out of your archaic mindset. Race should not be a reason to dislike ANY of the policies of a sitting president who is working to save this country from economic disaster, but it is , and will always be for those of your ilk. The main thing I am glad about is that John McCain and Sarah Palin are NOT occupying the White House because then we'd be even more screwed than we already are. That would be like the blind leading the blind since neither McCain nor Palin have a lick of understanding about what is going on with the economy. And for your information, the broken healthcare system, if not reformed, is a worse harbinger of disaster for our economy than you will ever be able to understand. If you don't like what is offered, come to the able with a plan that might work. Anyone can bitch about something, but it takes a thinker to propose a possible alternate solution to a problem. You do the former and are clearly incapable of the latter, so STFU.

Why do you think it's racism? I haven't read jjj's stuff closely but it seems to be the same old programmed thinking we used to see in Bush supporters. I know there are a lot of racists supporting Republicans but I don't know if you can just make that assumption.....

I know there are a lot of racists supporting Republicans...

So you recognize that racism is a factor.

I don't give particular attention to the racism aspect of the issue either, but perhaps that is because I am not African-American, so I have a different perspective.

I don't quite understand what you are saying, Frenetic. I'm just saying jjj could hate Obama without being a racist (there's a fallacy that applies here - I don't remember which one -- just because racists hate Obama and some Republicans hate Obama and some Republicans are racists doesn't mean all Republicans who hate Obama are racists). He could be but I was curious to see majii call him out from this email (or maybe he was also referring to others he's seen?) because I didn't see anything particularly racist in it. Do you guys think there is or are there other factors you're taking into account?

I'll tell you what I do think is racist (not that you asked.) The way the Republican party (and Limbaugh) act like Obama was elected because he's African American instead of realizing that this time Americans just elected the person they thought was the best for the job and they didn't exclude anyone for race or gender.

I can't say I speak for all Republicans, but I don't think Obama won the election because he was black. He ran campaigning for 'Change and Hope' - two things that mean very little, but nonetheless are effective because they mean what ever the voter wants them to mean. That, and Republicans nominated someone very few of us really liked, but didn't hate.

That said, I do think he won the primaries because more Democrats felt it was time for the first black President than the first female President. Though Hillary was clearly more qualified, their ideologies were pretty much the same, so race had to be the deciding factor. Call me racist for seeing it this way if you want, but you know I'm right.

I do think he won the primaries because more Democrats felt it was time for the first black President than the first female President ...Call me racist... but you know I'm right.

I know you're wrong!

For starters, you say in your own post that Obama's 'Change and Hope' marketing motif was effective, then you say the only thing that mattered in the primaries was his race?

And there were many differences between Hillary and Obama beyond the rhetoric. For one thing, Hillary was associated (whether fairly or not) with "old money" and her husband's previous regime.

Obama also managed to maintain (once again, regardless of correctness) an appearance of being firmly against the Iraq war, Gitmo, and everything else about the Bush admin that people - Dem voters in particular - found so unpalatable.

Obama also just ran a much smoother, slicker campaign (in spite of all the junk tossed at him by right-wingers and Clinton fans). And campaign management is considered by some to be a good reflection of how that candidiate will manage his administration if he gets elected.

Sure, some people (like yourself) focus on the race/gender factor, but during the primaries these sad little groups, whose voting decisions were solely based on sex organs or skin color, tended to cancel each other out.

That said, I do think he won the primaries because more Democrats felt it was time for the first black President than the first female President. Though Hillary was clearly more qualified, their ideologies were pretty much the same, so race had to be the deciding factor. Call me racist for seeing it this way if you want, but you know I'm right.

Hmmm...well, I can certainly speak for myself here and say, no, you're wrong. And judging how the big right wing complaint about Obama was Dems acting like he was the new Messiah - I would say this seems to be your own theory. (Is there a fallacy of massive generalization based on no facts whatsoever?)

Thank you for the other fallacy link, BTW. That does seem like the right one, doesn't it?

BTW, Syngas - the reason I said that about the Republican party (to make sure I'm not being too hypocritical calling you on your generalization) is because every time I hear Bush and other GOP leaders talk about Obama, they make such a big deal about how he is the first African American in office, the historic aspect to that, etc., and you know, we're past that. He's our president and he is in there making decisions that have nothing to do with his race. Yet, Jindal was still doing it in his rebuttal speech. Maybe I'm wrong since I pay as little attention to the Republican party as possible. Maybe they are still on the Messiah memo...

Yeah, I cringed when I heard Jindal mention it (though I cringed throughout his speech). I do think Republicans are no different that Dems in this regard though. None of us want to be perceived as racist, so we try to declare we are not racist in hopes that we will be believed.

It's kind of like when someone tells me they are smart. My first thought is 'why did you feel the need to tell me that' and so I begin to wonder if you really believe it yourself.

I don't quite understand what you are saying, Frenetic.

I wasn't really disagreeing with you (maybe it sounded that way.) I was sort of just trying to say that I understand why majii would make the accusation.

In the voting booth, there were those who boted for Obama because he was black, Clinton because she was a woman - and not black. I think those arguments were a wash, and that Hillary Clinton's baggage of being married to Bill was probably more of a negative than her race or lack of it.

Then add on Obama's well-run campaign, and we had a winner. It really wasn't by that much, so I do feel that race was an issue in the small margin of the win.

So I'm agreeing and disagreeing with a number of folks here.

As a friend says "Palin 2012!" - then we get O again.

I don't think jjj is against Obama due to racism. If Alan Keyes had won, jackedupjohnjingle would be singing Keyes's praises. Those who write here under the average joe/tea for the tillerman/calligraph/jjj moniker are right wing-nuts who will come against anything not under their "big" tent.

What really sticks in my craw about calli-um.. i mean john jacob is that while George W. Bush was president he spent and awarded trillions to fight a war in Iraq with little or no accountability. Now our new President wants to spend money in America to help the people and before we are even up and running you have right wingers crying failure. This audio of Rush is nothing compared to what i've heard him say in the past. I don't really hear him saying anything I wouldn't expect him to say. Its true he's an entertainer, nothing more. Who he's entertaining, racists, rednecks, hockey moms, etc. How short all of these people's memories are.

If a socialized medicine law needs to memorialize anyone, I'd say Truman deserves it more than Teddy.

The bottom line is that Bush did absolutely nothing towards fixing our incredibly broke health care system—a very broke system for the 50,000,000 or so Americans with no coverage. Clinton attempted to fix the problem but was immediately subjected to a smear campaign which started an almost eight year investigation into every aspect of his life, both public and private. How much scrutiny do you think bush could have weathered?

So now this fat retard is the intellectual leader of the Republicans. What is his answer? The usual conservative Tourette’s Syndrome-like verbal tick, “Tax cuts.” How do we get out of the current financial crisis? “Tax cuts.” Tax cuts for the rich so they can get richer and further topple the social order in this country so that we make the income disparities of pre-revolutionary France look like an Israeli kibbutz. There is no successful model of the conservative health care fantasy. The liberal model has dozens of models, mostly in Europe where everyone is covered. Would you settle for a police or fire service that excluded 20% of the populace? If your answer isn’t an unqualified “no” then you have to ask yourself if democracy is what you are looking for in a system of government.

Republicans had better think long and hard before giving themselves over to Rush's brand of marginalized extreme. Unlike Tubbo, I don't want America reduced to a one party system. I also don't want to see Democrats and Phalangists.

Lastly, it's interesting how easy it is to hand out criticism for a Democratic president from all sides. The conservatives can cry "Socialist!" while the far left bemoans a leader who is not liberal enough. A little party unity lesson from the GOP, please as we take baby steps in the right direction. (This comment doesn't apply to those writing here, but to impatient liberals in this country.)

If you give him an enema you can bury him in a match box.


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