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Richard Dawkins Responds to OK Resolution

Richard Dawkins responds to an Oklahoma House of Representatives Resolution disapproving of his visit to the University of Oklahoma and his "indoctrination" of students with the theory of evolution.

A 684x385 version of the video is available for download here.
Ctrl-Click and 'Download Linked File' (Mac)
or Rt-Click and 'Save Target As' (PC) the link above.



There is a much better copy here:,3646,n,n

Welcome to Oklahoma Richie...

Now I have to question the answer to the riddle: Why doesn't Texas drop off into the Gulf?

(because OK sucks...just maybe it doesn't)


I think Austin is anchoring Texas and keeping it in the real world, but just barely.

The clip where Dawkins edited himself to say "I am a sex fiend" really drives home just what a hack-job "Expelled" really was. Bravo.

Sorry hicks, you suck. Try reading a book once in a while and maybe you won't feel so threatened by learning.

Then how will they keep warm?

Sorry hicks, you suck.

Sorry, what does this mean? I lived in Seattle for 10 years, and this seems to me an example of typical Seattleite-speak. Perhaps I'm misinterpreting?


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