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Religion, Oh God



She's got looks! Stage presence! Religion! It kind of sounded like an infomercial about the Palin 3000. Hmmmm....

Burried the lead...

Hillary!!! Go Hillary!

Palin's son isn't retarded, that's just her passing along her natural genes.

The significant thing that most commentators have overlooked is that she didn't say she couldn't find anyone to pray with. She said she couldn't find anyone she WANTED TO pray with. Obviously she's very selective (discriminatory?) in her "religious" activity.

Ah, but she responded later that she found Bristol and they prayed together. Maybe if Joe had just prayed with her...

Quite a contrast between Palin and Clinton: Palin playing up her faith as an asset, and Clinton talking about responsibility for a serious problem. Contrast, but no contest.

It's a pretty snobby, arrogant thing for Palin to say. Alwop got it right, and that's how most people will see it. "High school bitchy". Palin is such a complete joke--there is no way she gets anywhere close to the presidency. Bush was a fool but Palin is on a whole new level of absurd, and it's very apparent.

What a strange, disasterous RNC chair Michael Steele is. "Getting back on the reservation"? This is going further "off the reservation" and it doesn't sound good for such a unappealing political figure to wonder whether God will call him to be president. Where did this Lisa Romano and her horrible political instincts come from?


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