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Paul Merton - Chess

An amusing bit of silliness from Paul Merton an English comedian, writer and actor.



Funny stuff. Though I'm sure you noticed that the board is the wrong way around (as it often is on TV). White square on the bottom right, guys!

Indeed, when you see a chess board in the movies or on television it is often wrong. The board in one of the pics Susan posted from USC made the same mistake. The entire floor was a chessboard so all they needed to do was shift the pieces one square to fix it.

At our office they expanded the complex and installed a garden sized chess set. Our balcony overlooked the new construction and as the black and white concrete squares were poured I bet several coworkers that a contractor was going to get his ass chewed.

The look on the faces of the men jack-hammering the incorrectly laid black and white squares (white lower left square) was only outdone by the same concrete pourer meticulously recreating the chess board with a black square in the lower left corner.

The kings for this board are over 6 feet tall, and I'm not sure if you've played a game on a board where the pieces are often as large as yourself, but even simple cross-board piece moves are difficult to foretell. Many players jump dangerously onto the nearby concrete tree planters to gain a better perspective.

Nice video too! I think I'll make a chess set where black's pieces are twice as large as white's and see how it plays. evil smile


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