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Links With Your Coffee - Monday


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"shockingly, the price was also the same — $24 — although given the strength of the Indian bargaining position, they did not have to pay cash, but only toxic stockpiles of “corn derivatives,” also known as ethanol."

The Hydra's necks as a nexus of an excess of... evil:





What no comments?

There is if Norm checks for pending comments and approves them

You need to follow up your Limbaugh a racist with an "Is Beck completely crackers?"

that will get some comments.

Torture, even if it's wrong, torture—Beck

Regarding the Glenn Beck nonsense. His statement that you should believe in something, even if it is wrong seems to make it hard for him to oppose faith based violence. An accidental endorsement of terrorism?

As a cracker, I take offense that you consider me in league with Glenn Beck.

No, no, he is crackers(like quackers), not "a cracker".


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