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This is off topic but I thought it was funny. Apparently last November's "Victory in IRaq" day was a failure so the neurotic right is trying agin for a VI day in June:

What has happened in Iraq reflects what our nation can do when the stakes are high, and the stakes in Iraq were VERY high. While Operation Desert Storm was an important victory in the fight for freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom was immeasurably more vital in terms of defending the values we hold dear, and yet the government will not organize a victory parade like it did for General Schwarzkopf's troops.

And from the attempt last year:

The moment has come to acknowledge the obvious. To overtly declare a fact that has already been true for quite some time now. Let me repeat: WE WON THE WAR IN IRAQ

How many "Mission Accomplished" banners do they need?

Yeah, it was as much a failure as the surge.

The only thing funny here is how people like you are so narcissistic and self-absorbed that you will do anything to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. You need to do a serious self-assessment and ask why you want the US to lose in Iraq.

Nevertheless, Iraq is won. The situation there has done nothing but improve since the Surge, and I know it's a horribly bitter pill for you America-haters to swallow. But man up and admit you were wrong. Hell, your Messiah finally has - he's even tried to elide any references to his claims that the Surge was 'bound to fail' and pretend he supported it all along. Guess that makes him the anti-Kerry: he was for it after he was against it.

still riding that high after C-PAC, huh? I wonder how long this'll last.

After all that's happened, claiming victory seems rather hollow anyway.

The original goals may have finally been achieved (the oil, etc), but with the massive harm caused to both sides over the years, the thought of celebrating this achievement makes me nauseous.

You know what would be worth celebrating? It being OVER. An end to the violence, and the US troops actually being gone from there. Last I heard people are still dying (this month so far - 6 US and 167 Iraqi -

On factcheck: It seems that Holmes is better defender of Dodd than Dodd is. If the senator tries to explaining the history of his [lack of] support for the AIG bonuses now, he may even come out worse. Someone's gotta keep the facts straight.


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