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Links With Your Coffee - Monday




From the Nader article (Seven Avoidance Indicators):

Our government needs to be on top of this accelerating creation of more companies deemed to be "too big to fail."

Bingo. This is the crisis, and that is the argument, that finally convinced me that unregulated free enterprise is not the solution.

Except that 'unregulated free enterprise' wasn't the problem. The failure was in a market artificially created and stimulated by the government (specifically by the Democrats). This problem was then exacerbated by key Democrats refusing to place any regulations on the organizations they had created and were indirectly controlling.

More to the point, the basic failure is with the idea of everyone owning a home regardless of whether or not they can afford it, and with the entire concept of 'affordable housing'. Thomas Sowell wrote an excellent article on this:

And for the record, I do not own a home. I rent. This isn't because I don't want a home - certainly I do. But I cannot afford one, largely because the property values where I live were grossly inflated by anyone, anywhere being able to buy a McMansion with NO MONEY DOWN!!! and NO CREDIT CHECK!!!

Perhaps someone can make a convincing argument as to why I should start paying more taxes to keep the foolish people who did borrow more than they could afford in the houses they don't own. But I doubt it.

RE: "Sweden's Choice"

The fear and argument against the voucher system is:

1) Vouchers would be a way to further government subsidization of religious education.

2) Private schools, who currently cater exclusively to the very wealthiest families, would continue to serve only the most wealthy, but now with government subsidies.

3) Private schools, like insurance companies who leave off high risk people from their insurance policies, would not serve mediocre students. They would skim off the cream in order to inflate their student performance indicators, and through this process turn the public schools into ghettos for struggling students.

I think the "charter" public school approach sounds like a better approach. It introduces choice and competition, among schools without losing a sense of responsibility to serve all students equally. All students deserve equal access to the excellent education.


Just some comments from a swede.

  1. There are pretty strict rules and standards on what can be taught and not, when it comes to things such as religion. Having said that - there has been some problems, and there are schools that have been shut down for violationg this.

  2. Law says, schools cannot recieve money from students/parents. The voucher is all you get.

  3. Private schools aren't allowed to pic and choose students

Thanks for mentioning Blog Against Theocracy. It's an annual blogswarm that always takes place Easter Weekend, which this year is April 10-12. Separation of Church and State is so critical to our democracy. Thanks again.


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