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Links With Your Coffee - Friday




340 on the quiz


I thought several of the questions were clearly slanted in their wording, so I don't put too much stock in this.

Quiz score, 140. I agree about the slanting.

Concerning the battery link, there is a link to another article in the comment section here chastising them for being premature.

That should be 240.


Feingold in 2016.

I just finished watching the 70 video. Very well done. And I would like to point out that it's quite rude to raise the cigarette tax, when clearly, we are just trying to be part of the solution. score was 383--that pretty much makes me a commie.

I really dislike questions that ask me to give a response as to whether I agree or disagree with statements which have the words always or never in them. If you mostly agree with a statement without the word always in it, are you supposed to give it an "8" even though you don't at all agree that the statement is "always" true?

That said, 312. Glad to have Norm and Mat around to make me look "moderate" - ya freakin' commies.


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