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Links With Your Coffee - Tuesday




ON the "Theory of Mind" - I would like much more done in this study. They only posed the questions to religious folk, and only those who were in a monotheistic religion. This study was interesting in that the most recently evolved portion of the brain was lighting up, and most of it was in the imagination centers.

What would happen if you posed the same questions to agnostics? Atheists? Deists? What about asking a broader range of questions that pertained to more varied religions and to non-religious philosophy to non-believers, mono-theists, and those who believe in various gods, goddesses and other incarnations? To me that would yield more of how our brains deal with religion than this lil control group.

The chimp's behavior is quite easy to understand -- he touched the monolith.

Open the pod bay doors...

Thank you for the link!


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