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Links With Your Coffee - Thursday




Sorry to point this out, Norm, but you seem to have put the extract from Cath Elliott's piece under the 'Book lying' link.

BTW - East Anglia is reckoned to be the driest part of England, the flattest part ("Very flat, Norfolk" - Noel Coward) and I seriously considered retiring there myself, but the Island won out! I am much nearer the sea here on Wight than in Norwich or Bury St Edmunds.

Wow! That was quick!

We must have noticed it about the same time. I like your little guy, what's that in his hands knitting needles?

No, skewers!

He is another of my alter-egos. His name is Hitmouse and he is a character from a series of children's books written by the Rev. J P Martin (The Uncle series)

If you read them you will gain some idea about Hitmouse.

Wow - I love that they lied about reading certain books to appear sexier. That's kind of hopeful.


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