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Links With Your Coffee - Wednesday




I actually have a science post up today, but it's only for Republicans, so don't look if you're a lefty. I'm teaching them how to test "the Rush hypothesis."

"Obama to Single Payer Advocates: Drop Dead"

Well, I guess the honeymoon is over, and he isn't jesus. Great to see we still have a president who hides in the pocket of corporate america...


You're joking right? Any Obama supporter out there knew that he never supported single payer, and doesn't even support Mandating health care coverage. (Go back and read the archives on Obama Vs. Clinton in the primaries). Most here agreed that single payer was better, but unlikely in Big "C" Capitalist America, and Mandates vs. non-mandated coverage was either a good idea or politically as unlikely as Single Payer.

Don't act like this is a surprise.

Looks like you helped in pissing off enough people to remind Obama who voted his ass into office and Conyers is invited now. Doesn't mean he'll get to speak - but at least he'll be in the room.

Sorry, that link didn't work. Try this one:


Gee, you don't think much of your readers to be linking them to a site like, "" Her explanation of the recent Supreme Court ruling in, "Wyeth vs. Levine," reveals her extreme right wing prejudice. She has aligned herself with ideaologues and paragons of right wing nuttery like Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, Samuel Alito, and John Roberts. Her explanation of the reasoning behind the ruling was also just as flawed as the company she keeps. Yea, for no accountability, let the Doctors bury their mistakes and let that be an end to it. The medical profession and big pharmaceuticals deserve all the wealth they can accumulate at the expense of society and a peoples right to some basic health care.

Whoops, correction, Clarence Thomas joined the majority on this one, just wrote a separate opinion.


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