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In Cramer We Trust

Jim Cramer didn't recommend buying Bear Stearns stock a week before it collapsed -- he did it five days earlier.



Not only is Cramer a STUPID stock analyst, he is apparently so STUPID he's willing to open himself up to more abuse from TDS by offering up STUPID bullshit that purports to show he isn't a STUPID stock analyst - and he does that when the evidence that he's a STUPID stock analyst is all out there for Jon and TDS writers to sift through.

His posture in the 7 weeks prior video - what's up with being all hunched over while essentially hawking Bear Sterns? Like some little kid who got his hand caught in the cookie jar? I hate to infer this far away, but it looks like Cramer knew he was spewing bs. I laughed when he suggested not taking $ out of BS (the appropriate initials for all of this) and I cry inside for the poor schmoes who trust people like Cramer.


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