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Cramer vs Not Cramer



Jim Cramer is an idiot, no doubt about it, but is there a bigger ass clown on the airwaves than Joe Scarborough?

I mean, Cramer's reputation as a stock market guru is pretty much fucked for eternity, but he's only gotten stock market stuff wrong over the last few years.

Scarborough has been wrong about everything.

That these idiots still have a forum after such abject failure only shows how horribly out of touch TV news media has been for far too long.

I guess as long as there's an audience out there who believes all the horse manure these fucking morons peddle, they can stay on the air as long as they want.

Look on the bright side. If the entire mainstream media hadn't sacrificed being informative and objective over being entertaining and politically correct in a shortsighted attempt to maximize profits, we wouldn't have Jon Stewart being hilarious on The Daily Show!

That was hilarious. Where does it say Cramer is going to be a guest on TDS, though....That sounds extremely uncomfortable...:)

I think in the Cramer responds to Jon Stewart segment, no?

I would love to see that interview. Cramer is not afraid to face his critics, and John is not afraid to ask the real questions. It could make for an enlightening few minutes.

If nothing else, I hope this recent feud has encouraged folks to be a bit skeptical regarding investment advice delivered via sound effect.

There's apparently a debate showdown between Bill Maher and Ann C. in the works as well.

It's on's Guest list.

Scarborough probably doesn’t want us to “cherry pick” every ignorant thing he said regarding our horrifically destructive incursion into Iraq (not that he has had a particularly intelligent opinion on anything but his stance on Iraq was completely disastrous). These guys get paid a lot of money to offer “informed” opinions and now they are offended when someone—finally—calls them on their bullshit. I can’t believe how much of our media is devoted to punditry. I’m sure I’d be a better person if I never read an opinion from the likes of Hitchens, Thomas Freidman, Andrew Sullivan, or listened to Rush or the hags from The View. I have been trying hard to ignore as much of this “filter” as I possibly can. I live in Spain, so that helps. They haven't reached our low level of sophistication and their version of TDS (called Intermedio) isn't very good.

Don’t bother with this next rant unless you want your eyes to roll back in your head from boredom so hard that you fall over backwards. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Perhaps that we can finally sort out what a joke the stock market is, or at least much of it. We should have learned from the dot com bust that there is a lot of fixing and regulating to be done in the area of publicly traded companies, especially in how these companies are managed. How can anyone be worth the salaries that many of these corporate officers pull down? Answer: none. Their lofty pay packages simply water down the value of the share price for all other stock owners. These companies have little in the way of oversight as the boards of directors are merely for show and they often look the other way in cases of fraud simply to collect their own high salaries simply to attend a meeting or two each year. The fact is, many of these firms never really needed the capitalization they gained by going public (especially true during those halcyon days of the tech bubble).

Why is it that every time the Feds have approved another bailout, the market has responded by dropping another few hundred points?

And assuming inflation pushes the DJIA back over 10k by 2012, with this be considered a victory by the Obama camp?

And why is it that all the major regulators, like the geniuses running the SEC, or the Fed Reserve mafia (including Tim Geitner) have yet to be held accountable for their obvious failures?

I fail to see how authorizing these clowns to engage in more regulation is going to fix the problem they themselves created.

Maybe it's just because I'm really tired right now, but I think the Stewart v. Cramer needs to be done. I hardly even cracked a smile at anything...


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