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CPAC After Party



Rush's comments and the support he got for them show the neo-cons for the fools that they are. Here's a lovely article detailing Michael Steele and other people back-pedaling on their criticism of Limbaugh.

The others at CPAC show the same things - and deserve similar criticism, but I think (feel free to correct if need be) Rush makes the most money for his blather.

Jonathan Krohn looks like Mr. Bean at twelve years old! Except for that, this gathering was as funny as a nazi rally in 1932.

Ann Coulter looks skankier and coke-whore thinner while Limbaugh looks fatter and sweatier with every breath he takes. And what was that white thing on John Bolton’s top lip? It looked like one of those sticky things teenage girls put on their faces to remove blackheads. And could you imagine being forced to listen to that little punk kid speak? I’d rather be stuck on an airline flight watching Nacho Libre dubbed into Serbian while flying over airspace where smoking is still permitted onboard.

So the Republicans drive the country into a ditch, lose the White House, and then immediately scheme on getting it back because…they weren’t finished wrecking every aspect of America’s economic base? Maybe they have another war to lose? Maybe they need another 4-8 years to turn over every bit of our national income to the top 5% of earners?

And where oh where was Joe the Plumber...I think he would've rounded it all out nicely...


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