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Bill Maher - New Rules



Now I liked the 2nd half of this one better, and can't say I didn't like the 1st half. But the snuggie - does it not look like unisex cult wear? The mothership, ho!

Stop me - I have a farting iPhone.

hand in the armpit works well, especially if you're not gifted in the oral sound effects department.

Really didn't care for him making fun of Sully. Sully doesn't want all this attention. It was just a good story in the middle of all sorts of bad news. The media is beating it to death, not the man himself. Bill needs to rethink his usage of the word "Pompous." I might know someone else that word could be applied to.

And even if he did want the attention, and even if he did want the money that comes with it, what's so wrong about it? Better him on Letterman (they did have interesting things to say about how the whole thing works), than Maher doing his anti medicine kook rants and promoting for the nth time his silly movie. Talk about attention whores, does Maher have anything new to offer? We watch him cause he's funny, and that interests us, so what's wrong if people find Sully's story interesting as well. I don't even care for it, I've only seen him on Letterman cause I watch Letterman, but Maher complaining about it just seems very hypocritical.

i'll second every word of that- except i don't get to see letterman that often, actually. which means i'll be missing u2's run. bummer.

also, full disclosure: i've been known to go on a few "anti medicine kook rants" myself. i don't suppose i'm alone in this here, either.


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