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The Sunday Funnies

And this week's winner is?



blah. Whoever picks out these must really live as far from the edge as possible.

"You know, I am an eternal optimist. That doesn't mean I'm a sap."-- President Obama on whether he would be so willing to reach out to Republicans in the future. 2.15.09

"He is bitter and really angry. He is angry at the press, which he thinks is unfair. He is angry at Obama and angry at the voters. He has gone from being an angry old candidate to being an angry old defeated candidate." -- Bob Shrum about John McCain. 2.15.09

These from the Democrat Weekly are more amusing than the anti-stimulus bill jokes.

From the 4, I'd have to say Leno, though.

g.s., i really like your use of "as far from the edge as possible". really.

next time i'm arguing politics with some squeaky suburbanite whose political loyalties are determined by fluctuations in the costs of maintaining their pool and s.u.v., i will say to them, with a look of carefully mixed disdain and pity on my face, "oh, i'm so sorry- i forgot you live as far from the edge as possible". :)

...really like your use of "as far from the edge as possible". really.

I enthusiastically second that - great phrase.


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