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The Food Lobby Goes to School



It's all by design. They fatten up the kids, then they have major health problems as adults, then the big pharmaceutical companies can rape their wallets for health insurance.

They should continue to call adult-onset diabetes by this name, if for no other reason than to alert people that children should NOT have this form of diabetes.

Bleh - the last seconds of this video made me want to barf.

Probably the only solution is to eliminate the kitchen in the cafeteria. All kids bring their own lunch. Except then there's the issue for kids on school subsidized meals. sigh.

And we used to curse those soy burgers in grade school! Those were probably infinitely better than the turkey with green gravy served in high school!

There are also trends going in the other direction (high quality, locally sourced school lunch programs), but that is obviously geographically spotty, to say the least.

The reason I logged on to make a comment though was this: Way to go American News Program! Who said high quality investigative reporting only came from newspapers? interviewee I just heard today on To The Point said just that.


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