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Talks Barry Schwartz: The real crisis? We stopped being wise



I walked out on a 7 year career at a Fortune 500 company because they failed at all of the above, and then some. You can sell your self out for so long before becoming fed ups.

Are there still 500 of those?

I think it is both enormously sad and outrageously hilarious that a lot of right-wing shitbags are still trying to blame this whole financial meltdown on a few homeowners missing a mortgage payment. I would say that it was almost entirely the result of a lack of morals. No society has ever been brought down by the lower and middle classes; it is a failure of the elites. The hubris of executives paying themselves tens of millions of dollars a year from the coffers of publicly-traded companies has a lot to do with where we are now. How could these enormous salaries not water down share values for everyone else? The rank and file Republicans have always defended the amassing of great wealth by the very few. I suppose the middle class Limbaugh listeners think they are a tax cut or a lotto scratch away from moving in next door to the hiper-rich.

The war in Iraq was another moral failure on an epic scale, a failure that cost this country dearly while lining the pockets of a few cronies of Bush and Cheney. Six years later and lord knows how much money and what do we have to show for it all? Imagine if we had spent that money to build infrastructure in the third world. I'd wager that the goodwill we could have purchased with the resources squandered in Iraq would have gone a long way to insure American security. I'm sure a lot of conservatives would disagree but I don't give a damn what they think. They have had the last 8 years to shape things their way and now all they want to do is blame their horrific mistakes on others.


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