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Storm by Tim Minchin

Oh my, this is delightful. Alternative medicine and pseudoscience take a well deserved 'beating.'



So it's back up again, eh? This is a fun one.

Yeah, this time Minchin uploaded it himself. I updated the link in the forum like for the 5th time, but I (probably deservedly) got the boy-who-cried-wolf effect.

oh, was that the infamous "greatest poem in the world" thing where the link originally refused to work? glad i finally heard it- nice one.

I hope I'm not alone when I say---standing fucking ovation.

Superb! The last time someone (I could check, but you know who you are) put this up in the forum, I spent an wonderful afternoon on Youtube watching a lot of Minchin - thanks for that and this too.

Ha! I did just that. First time this got posted, I thought "man... poetry... I think I'll go have a sandwich instead", but now that I gave it a shot, well, what can I say? Minchin rocks!

This is great, i am now late for work cause i had to watch all the other videos on you tube.... then sent my friends links...

how have i not seen this guy......

gotta get to work

Love it.

If only tell offs could go that well in real life.

He's right when he says alternative medicine that works becomes medicine. But with that in mind, could there be some alternative remedies that have not yet become mainstream because there's no way for a drug company to turn a profit from them? Could our profit-based medical industry be stifling advancement? It might be worth noting that the Indians smoked willow bark for centuries before the Bayer corp. offered it in tablet form. Could there be some other remedy that has not yet received the corporate stamp of approval? Just a thought.

Yeah, but the alt-med industry preys on that to turn the argument to their favor, totally without merit, undeservedly and dishonestly. I don't think you'll find many or any of the staunchest critics of alt-meds say that there's no corruption in the pharma industry, but that doesn't lead to alt-med having any merit at all. I'm sure Norm has covered this with one of the fallacies posted here every now and then.

If anything, it gives it less credibility, because the standards of Big Pharma sill are more stringent than those of alt-meds, and so they can (and they do) get away with much worse stuff.

I don't disagree. I guess the thrust of my complaint is that instead of ignoring the corruption & attacking the hippies, which seems to be the progressive m.o. these days, we should be ignoring the hippies & attacking the corruption.


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