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I have to say, it took some ball of Obama to walk out and present us with this Budget telling how he plans to pay for everything...he's going to do it by digging a gigantic fucking hole! I'm no conservative but fuck man...that's a lot of debt he's talking about making! Am I the only one wide eyed on here about all this planned debt creation?

don't see why no one seems to have thought of this before- he's gonna pay for it by sucking up to china. good bye, tibet, goodbye, taiwan, goodbye, human rights high horse.

I don't think he's planning to pay for it at all. If your goal is a one world government (UN), you must first bankrupt the US, UK, EU, Japan, Russia and yes, even China. He's doing his very best to make that happen before the next presidential election.

You can whine about it, or you can imagine what wonders it will bring. No more wars! No more poverty! No more depressions! No more carbon! One common religion! One common currency! One common language! The possibilities are endless JB if you'll just stop clinging to the past.

i didn't think it was about all that one world gov't stuff, i thought it was about coming up with some serious bread. you make him sound like the antichrist or something. :)

It's great! No one can think to make this event too funny. It was a serious speech but you did it. Well-done Charles Cv interview questions

Brilliant -- some day, literary critics are going to make the connection between Stewart's genius and its roots in our comic literary tradition. Here's one effort to that end: I think Stewart is doing precisely the same thing as the Prince of Poets did four centuries ago.


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