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Obama Stimulus Speech



The market bounced back over 8k today. Why do you suppose that is? Are investors expecting this bailout to pass? Are investors expecting the GOP to stop it?

The market bounced back over 8k today. Why do you suppose that is? Are investors expecting this bailout to pass? Are investors expecting the GOP to stop it?

Who knows? Since when do the single day fluctuations of the market have an meaning at all? Hell, even the futures seem to get the direction of the markets wrong half the time.

Yeah. That's pretty much what my own reply said, but the blog software ate my post and I didn't bother retrying.

I'm wondering about the state of the union address 09.

Well thank goodness the 'politics of fear' are a thing of the past!

How many speeches in a row does that make with Obama telling us the world will collapse without his non-stimulative spending bill?

This guy is the used car salesman of presidents. Sure I sold you a clunker, but let me put you in another one to make up for it.

Speaking of cars: the government's "intervention" to "save jobs" with GM just caused GM to cut 10,000 jobs to comply with the stringent regulations of the bailout funds.

Obama voted for every bit of legislation that created this deficit (to his credit, it was only 'present' 90% of the time).

He complains about this 'inherited recession' and wants to multiply it tenfold.

Reading from a teleprompter to give an opening statement. Lost at sea without it. An administration of tax cheats and lobbyists. Stealing the census with Rahm Emanuel. Welcome to your New World Order.

Welcome to your New World Order.

New New World Order, same as the Old New World Order!

...sorry. Couldn't resist.


Seven good years and Seven years of famine.

What else can you expect from an idiot that will not accept the fact that radical Islams heroes have been killing Americans like trophy animals all over the world for almost 40 years. No church in the Islamic world ever apologizes for these crimes, or willingly helps us search for the killers. These people are not free, even from their church, and have no understanding of what freedom is. It took 50 years for South Korea to become 95% Christian.

I say a President that has no sympathy or compassion for his own people may be somebody elses person, explaining the coming years of famine. He believes America has it coming, and cannot see the good and will not depart from his desire to punish us before he is unmasked as what he is, an Ivy League equal opportunity ne'erdowell with more axe to grind than Paul Bunyan. Listen to his wife's pre-election views of American Misery and unequal opportunity (or read his books) and you will see his disguised talking points. What not to say in front of white people to keep them from realizing how much you hate and despise them and their history.

The new Liberal "Stop the Hate" mantra, that has white people (Democrats) hating white people (Conservatives) for being white (ie: not voting for Obama is racism, and a good reason for new Hate Crimes Law). The new racism and an excuse for another genocide in the name of the God of Power.

Lots of empty words and broken promises. What else can you expect from a guy that Forrest Gumped his way through Capone World, using every lawlerly legal tactic to win election and pleaded nolo contendre for 90% of his votes. He also is never held to account for his actions, as corrupt and venal as they may be, promising a new era of ethical behavior in government and transparency, that's why no one will be able to read his bill until after it is passed, yep, changed and approved behind closed doors with only Democrats in attendance. It's just now going to the printers and it will be passed without you or I knowing what the terms or the interest rate is, hell of a way to sell out a country to the highest bidder.

I've worked for people with his leadership style, "if I want your opinion, I'll give it to you." I believe the collective thinking on Capitol Hill was "We won the election, we write the bill". Combine that kind of megalomania with a Narcissist who thinks he has a destiny to be fulfilled and you have a false prophet of Biblical proportion.

God will allow this to happen to good people to test them, so as Betty Davis said, "fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride."

Seven good years and Seven years of famine.

Shit for brains. What else can you expect from a moron who think the last seven years were good.


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