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Nobody Answered

A couple of my favorite clips from Clint Eastwood's latest Gran Torino. Definitely worth seeing.

note: Quicktime has problems with Windows Vista 64 bit, it blacks out the progress bar. Here is a temporary solution from the Apple discussion forum:

Though not a perfect solution, it has worked for me in various programs. In order to get the progress bar to appear in quicktime plugins, you need to run the host application (firefox, ie, etc), in Windows XP (SP 2) Compatibility Mode. To do this, right click on the application or shortcut, chose properties, navigate to the Compatibility tab, and chose "Run the program in compatibility mode." The default should be XP SP2. This worked for me in firefox and in some tutorial videos I have that embed quicktime inside their own UI. Hope this helps, as I haven't yet seen it anywhere else.



Eastwood does seem to have a beef with religion. There was at least 1 similar scene in Million Dollar Baby, if memory serves. It's nice to see someone push back at the issue, even if the dramatic character alone is the driving force.

I'm definitely going to have to check this one out now. Thanks for the heads up.

Super J.

Did he say, "...and promises them maternity?"

But no, that would be to that other virgin.

'them eternity' not 'them maternity', that is how it sounds if you say it fast.

When my parents moved into their first house, they had a muslim arab as a neighbour. One day, his house cought fire and started to burn down rather quickly. The arab ran out onto the street, threw himself down and started to yell and pray that Allah may stop the fire. It was my parents who then called the firefighters.

The true thing with these young priests is the smugness. I've known many of them throughout the years, some a bit older and some younger than me, and what all of them have in common is that they somehow believe that the little white collar makes them better than seculars. They are the same people they were a month ago before they became consecrated, yet they feel that they can start giving life advice and (GASP!) impart "knowledge" right and left indiscriminately.

I even remember them in that congregation (of catholics) talking about the friggin Second Law of Thermodynamics, of course as all woo artists do, putting out long sciencey words so kids believe science supports their crap. Even in my teens I knew he was full of crap. Thank you Stephen Hawking.

I don't think you can judge Eastwood's views based on the views of the characters he plays.

That being said, I can't wait till I get of age and get to play the old grumpy agnostic in my nabor-hood. It will be strangly refreshing.

It ain't that refreshing.

BTW, the priest becomes a half-decent guy by the end of the movie - and the movie IS worth seeing.


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