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Links With Your Coffee - Saturday



re: the story by hitchens companion on that fateful day: unbelievable! no, i mean the thing has more holes than a sieve. some parts are truly not believable. the only way i could make sense of it wss by reading it with an exaggerated lisp. then i read this:

“Yes,” Christopher said. “They’re the worst. And also a Greek Orthodox repressed homosexual wankers organization, I think."

listen, 3 men are attacked by one man. he manages to hold on to them until his buddys arrive, apparantly quite some time.

3 men are attacked by 7 or 8 men. 2 of the 3 are essentially unscathed.

if i were hitchens,i would choose my travel companions more carefully in the future. and he and his friends should just come out of the closet and give up on the self-hating gay trip. i'd have more sympathy for them.

also, hitchens was supposedly repeatedly kicked and punched in the head repeatedly by 7 or 8 men for some time while neither he nor his two companions offered any real resistance. if that picture is supposed to be hitchens after the attack, im tellin' ya, this didn't go down the way this story claims.

Re:Government Talk,

I thought it odd Wolfe had such a lengthy paraphrase of Alito's opinion and no actual quotes. If anyone is interested in the actual opinion, here it is.

I'm no lawyer, but I think it boils down to the fact that while we all have a right to free speech, we don't necessarily have a right to be heard.


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