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Regarding names there is (or was) a gynecologist in northern Virginia named Dr. Harry Beavers. A friend of mine was a patient of his.

re: unfortunate names- i live in a place where i am often referred to by the hebrew diminutive of my given name (see below) which is "yoni". as anyone familiar with the kama sutra knows, this means "vagina" in sanskrit.

i don't know many people who actually know sanskrit, but i do know a lot of new agey types who know the kama sutra, are into yoga, etc. and have taken a bit of ribbing for this. the best, though, was that i actually went out for a while with a woman who was working on her masters degree in indian religion, who actually both read and spoke (very unusual, i think) sanskrit. as frank zappa said, the torture never stops. :)

maybe that's why he named his kids "dweezil" and "moon unit"- toughen 'em up from the get-go.

btw (rambling here) i've always wondered why, in english translations of the kama sutra, "yoni" and "lingam" are transliterated rather than translated. go figure.

I love the cartoon

i do too


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