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Dawkins's attributed the following reply to an Australian scientific colleague who turned down a offer to debate a creationist loony:

That would look great on your cv, not so great on mine.

The same would apply to Ray Comfort's challenge.

[Hitchens} got up, walked over to the poster, took out a marker, and began to deface it.

Hitchens carries a "marker" when he goes out drinking in Beirut?

operative word: drinking

He probably had it from talk he was giving.

I'm sadly with Robinson on this one. Hitchens will make himself a poster boy for lack of evolving.


I live in a neighborhood with gang graffiti. These are signs marking territory between competing gangs.

Any cop will tell you not to deface it. Paint over it with full strokes of house paint is one thing, but defacing could lead to some fast retribution.

Although I agree the gangs are wrong and I'd love to go Batman on their asses, I am also smart enough to not go around drunk with a marker 'Ex'ing out letters and writing my own name above it.

In my neighborhood, you'd probably just get shot in the back for that. However, if you leave things alone, the gangs fight mostly between themselves with spray paint.

In my mind, Hitchens wants to win a Darwin award. In his mind he will think it is 'bravery'.

Remember Lewis Black's routine about creationists, when his only response was to pull a fossil out and say: "Fossil."?

This Ray Comfort character is waaaay past being taken seriously. Every time he opens his mouth somebody should pull out a banana and say: "Banana."

And then you get back to the Evolution thread.

rinse, repeat

Comfort wouldn't face PZ Myers, but wants to confront Dawkins?? Maaan, he must need publicity real bad.


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