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Links With Your Coffee - Monday




Thanks so much for the best blogs list. I really like the literature sites and style and a few others I've had a chance to look at that I haven't seen before... But - what's the story with the editor? He said some "Darwinists" got mad at him? I was afraid to go to his site 'cause that really didn't bode well....

re: the free will debunking:

The usual theist response to the problem of evil is revolves around "free will": If human had not been imbued with the capacity to make nasty choices, so the story goes, then they would be unable to recognize or even define good.

that is the entire free will argument as stated in the article. i call strawman.

dumbed down for readers of this sort of thing, the free will argument is thus:

how can man be good without choosing to be so?


that is, recognizing or defining good has nothing at all to do with it. rather, BEING good is the issue.


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