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re: the beagle model- although i no longer count myself among either group, i was raised and trained to be a darwin fetishist and a builder of scale models (dad bein a science professor and all), i couldn't help salivating in a pavlovian way at the thought of a scale model of the beagle of such grace and detail being available. for those of you who haven't investigated the link- there isn't one. still,a gorgeous one-off and an interesting link. nice contemporary painting by crewmember i hadn't seen before, for instance. thanks.

Interesting about the Audio Book/Book blog. Intangible media rights have always facinated me. When you buy an album, do you have the right to play the music with your own band? Do you have the right to perform it for money? When you rent a movie, do you have the right to copy it? Some answers are obvious, but it's fun to think about. Chef's can't copyright recipes, bartenders can't copyright drinks. Why can musicians and authors copyright their material?

evolution/schmevolution - yeah! I've only gotten through the 1st 2, but will return to the rest when I have time. The 2005 clip was good enough that I don't want to fell let down while I run errands.

Back in pedant mode. Either refer to the ship or ship's model as "HMS Beagle" or "The Beagle" (Thank you Jonathan). "The Her Majesty's Ship Beagle", when vocalised fully, sounds silly.


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