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Links With Your Coffee - Wednesday


  • Fear of a New New Deal - The Opinionator Blog -

    Digby and Lemos quoted in Times Blog

  • Language Log » Diplomat arrested for speech act, in UK
    American readers are likely to be truly amazed to learn what has just happened to a senior British diplomat, Mr Rowan Laxton. He was on an exercise bike at a gym in the Regent's Park area of London, and he got angry as he watched film of the destruction in Gaza, and shouted: "Fucking Israelis! Fucking Jews!" — adding that they should be "wiped off the face of the earth."

  • The Frugal Algorithm > Kindle: The Philosophy of the Turtle
    In early 2002 I was living in a condo overlooking the bay in San Francisco. I had just finished a gig with Sanford University and was confident about quickly finding new work. After all, I hadn’t been unemployed once in the years since I graduated college. In fact, I could usually count on having multiple offers to choose from.

    But as I walked past empty buildings, through streets made into homes by the homeless, and listened to the silence of my phone, I began to think that perhaps finding work wouldn’t be as easy as I originally assumed.

    What you ask does this have to do with the Kindle. You'll have to click on the link and read on if you want to know.

  • India's Monkey Problem | Outside Online
    The cousin of the dead man told me not to go. He expressly forbade it. But I'd come all the way to India, and I wasn't going to leave without seeing the site of the accident—or, as most people regarded it, the scene of the crime.

  • Abortion to blame for fires: Pastor - National - BrisbaneTimes (tip to Chris)

    God is into collective punishment according to the Pastor.

    The Catch the Fire Ministries has tried to blame the bushfires disaster on laws decriminalising abortion in Victoria.

    The evangelical church's leader, Pastor Danny Nalliah, claimed he had a dream about raging fires on October 21 last year and that he woke with "a flash from the Spirit of God: that His conditional protection has been removed from the nation of Australia, in particular Victoria, for approving the slaughter of innocent children in the womb".

  • Steven Weinberg interviewed by Richard Dawkins (video)

  • The Associated Press: School board offers apology to singer Pete Seeger (tip to pedansareus)

  • The Big Fix - Times Article on the Stimulus Package - onegoodmove Forum



re: language log and the "speech act"- note that this occured in england. i have no wish to offend my english friends here, but i've pointed out before that the english in particular often seem to share some collective burden of guilt in the matter of israel/palestine, seeing as how they set off a chain of events with the balfour declaration which led to them almost literally giving the keys to the country to the jews in 1948. this feeling of guilt is often (ahem, my english psychology theory, ahem...) turned outward where it becomes a kind of blind, impotent rage focused on the jews who have behaved so abominably with the power so entrusted them by the english.

perhaps something like this sort of subconcious sewage was at work in our poor diplomat who, if nothing else, managed to turn speech into an "act".

Gotta Love the Lemos and Digby references. Digby's comment, "I do believe he thinks that the New Deal caused the depression, though. They all do.” Ain't that the truth! Or maybe it isn't - maybe some of these assholes are just liars who don't really believe in anything but Mr. Mellon's philosophy concerning financial crises, "Assets return to their rightful owners." Look at the Cato Institute clip Zaphod put up in the Forum - a total distortion of the USA's economic performance during the first seven years of the FDR presidency. The facts (1992 dollars):

1929: US GDP $790.9 Billion 1933: US GDP $577.3 Billion 1940: US GDP $941.2 Billion

Now, it takes a right wing nut to look at these numbers and blame FDR! 63% growth in GDP in seven years - that's an annually compounded growth rate of 7.23% - and it includes a bad year in 1937. By comparison, Saint Ronald and Bush Senior collectively racked up an annual GDP growth rate of 2.78%, Clinton's was 3.75%. Yep, the New Deal prolonged the Depression - that's the ticket.

I think God has been into collective punishment ever since he was invented to keep people from putting their penises in the wrong places. (Noah's Ark, Sodom and Gomorrah, etc.)

egad. always some religious nutter has to step in when there's a disaster and say some utter nonsense. if it weren't such an insult to those who are grieving, dead, or injured, it would be funny.


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