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Links With Your Coffee - Sunday


In the interest of fostering rational arguments I'm going to present a common fallacy with each day's links. Today's fallacy is: Accent



A number that will enter the history of geek-time, this Friday the 13th: 1234567890.

That Guardian story about the gene relation and the chaos it evoked is absolutely mind boggling! Can't believe they took it down like that just because people did't enjoy the findings. If he used proper methods, and it's all, forgive the pun, "kosher", what's the basis here? If anything, I'd be enticed to read more.

On an unrelated note - why would a population genetics paper be sent to an Immunology journal? Now I wanna read it.

Newsflash: Isaac (father of the Jews) and Ishmael (father of the Arabs) were reported to have the same father (Abraham).

That's bound to piss someone off.

re: the leftbanker piece-

leftbanker, did you write that yourself? in spite of the fact you've always been a bit of a prick to me on norms blog here (i suspect you find my opinions on the israeli/palestinian issue annoying), as a fellow ex-pat i like your blog and thought this bit was a brilliant piece of satire. it was so good i was actually getting angry, thinking you were serious- the mark of fine satire. when i figured out it's satirical nature, i relaxed and laughed my ass off. well done, really.

went to the bloomberg link at the end and didn't see the connection or relevence, really. i'd appreciate an explanation of the connection if you feel like writing one. cheers.

Accent -

This is similar to the concept of "begging the question".


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