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Links With Your Coffee - Thursday



Have there ever been any negative posts on Big Pharma? I've never seen them.
-I know the Frontline piece on over a dozen recalled prescriptions because of serious side effects is older - probably than this blog.
-Maybe even the NOW piece on the FDA was too old.
-But, what about the ENHANCE tests that, after two years, finally came to light to show some new cholesterol drugs were just a $$$$ come on. -And then, more personally interesting to me is they had to be labeled as causing depression. My friend (anecdote) lost her case against Merck for Zocor being unlabeled when her husband (a formerly, great, pretty upbeat guy) committed suicide. And he wasn't the only one. (And, he really went for it - took an overdose of pills, then slit his wrists, then, went in the back and shot himself.) I think statistically, the numbers just weren't big enough.

-And, how 'bout the fact indiscriminate use of antibiotics has led to superbugs? I wonder who profited from the heavy usage?

And yet, the really bad thing is people who do something where they get no better effect than if they used a placebo --- when people say there is always a placebo effect in medicine - in fact, in just going to the doctor.

I understand people being upset when parents will not vaccinate their children (and long before the autism controversy, I went to school with Christian Scientists) but I'm just not a big enough fan of Western medicine to support it unquestioningly or to make fun of those who don't choose it as their first (or sometimes, their final and only) line of support.


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