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Links With Your Coffee - Sunday


In the interest of fostering rational arguments I'm going to present a common fallacy with each day's links. Today's fallacy is: Complex Cause

  • Science-Based Medicine » Reality Deniers

  • Boston Review — Always at the After Party
    “Liberals and Libertarians: Kissing Cousins or Distant Relatives?” That question was debated at a January 13 event sponsored by Stanford University's Program in Ethics in Society and the Cato Institute. Boston Review co-editor Joshua Cohen gave these comments.

  • Language Log » No word for lying?

  • Pay me, pay me, pay me my money down
    [E]mployees at financial companies in New York, the now-diminished world capital of capital, collected an estimated $18.4 billion in bonuses for the year. That was the sixth-largest haul on record, according to a report released Wednesday by the New York State comptroller.

    That's interesting, isn't it? Employees at financial companies in New York are the very people who caused this global train wreck and the drastic impoverishment of millions, perhaps billions of people - and having brought off this feat of talent and dedication, they were rewarded with large bonuses by the very institutions that are being shored up by billions of public money (money which therefore cannot be spent on health insurance or education to name just two items). Rich, isn't it? They're financial wizards; that's why they're paid the Big Bucks; in their financial wizardry they make the global economy go pffffffffffffffffffft; so therefore accordingly as a result, they get some more of our money to make them that little bit richer and us that little bit poorer.

    What could be fairer or more sensible than that?

  • Bonuses for Bad Performance - Room for Debate Blog -

  • Mike the Mad Biologist : Twelve Good Minutes of 60 Minutes About the West Bank Occupation

  • Not Exactly Rocket Science : Chimps show that actions spoke louder than words in language evolution
    All primates can communicate with each other through facial expressions, body postures and calls, but humans and apes are unique in their use of gestures. These go beyond simple postures or walking patterns - they are movements of the hand, limbs and feet, specifically directed at another individual.

    We think of language as mainly spoken or written but gestures play an enormous, often overlooked role. After all, isn't a speaker who waves their hands animatedly more engaging than one who stands motionless behind a podium? Gestures are such an intrinsic part of the way we communicate that a blind speaker will naturally make them even when speaking to a blind audience. And babies use gestures long before they learn their first words.

  • Language Log » Apostrophe catastrophe

  • 'I agree that there is something valedictory about The Private Patient'
    P.D. James on her work, her method of writing, and whether readers still care about solving the crime



Science-Based Medicine » Reality Deniers - It is a pity that Crislip did not give you the capitalisation you deserve, Norm.

" ... is being a crank in fact the norm? "

they were rewarded with large bonuses by the very institutions that are being shored up by billions of public money

do something about it for stupid up already. complaining about it is just worse than doing nothing

bitch bitch

re: 12 good minutes of 60 min. etc.- is this not the very same segment posted by zaphod for president in the forum recently? what gives?


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