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The Kindle reads a passage from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and the Authors Guild PANICS. I love how the Kindle mocks them, pronouncing dog-eared with a long o sound. Authors Guild president Roy Blount Jr. calls it the Kindle Swindle

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Blount is an idiot. That TTS is a barely passable convenience. I would still fork out no small number of my hard-earned shekels to hear Stephen Fry read it. Or the phone book, for that matter.

Machines will advance to the point of being able to [i]write the damned books themselves[/i] long before they advance to the point of being able to read them that compellingly.

I've never been a fan of books on tape or mp3, but there is something especially cool in hearing a robot read HHGTTG.

My biggest concern about the Kindle, aside from it’s weird, book-buring-esque name, is that it compromises the integrity of the written word. A printed book may be unwieldy, but you know that once it’s on your shelf, not one letter is going to change. Can’t say the same for the Kindle.

Also, when I spill coffee all over a book, I’ve only ruined that particular book :)


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