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Bobby Jindal's Republican Response



If Mr. Rogers ran, and was still alive, I would totally vote for him.

the Bobbie Jindal 2012 infomercial - seemingly from an episode of the Simpsons - perfectly cast by Mr. Rogers!

hey, is that baconnaise kosher, Jon?

Yes, it is. The moment of Zen at the end was priceless (the media on Jindal):

"It was almost like watching the Rolling Stones open for Air Supply."

"This was like following Led Zeppelin with nothing but a harmonica."

"It was like watching the Rolling Stones open for Little River Band."

Loved John's 'volcano monitoring' line!

This guy's a "rising star"? I will go out on a limb and say he couldn't even get past Sarah Palin.

Oh come on! How can you top being interviewed while someone is butchering turkeys in the background. In what seems to be a shredder. With lots of blood. Not even Bush will top that.

Well that's true, but you have to consider the people voting for these folks....

damn turkey eaters!

I knew the moment Barack was elected this would turn into a let's-see-what-other-minorities-we-can-put-into-the-White-House game. Selecting Bobby Jindal was the Republican rebuttal was just too obvious a move.


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