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Bill Maher - New Rules

Real Time w/Bill Maher
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1st 1/2 OK - don't care for the 2nd 1/2. Even in satire I think suggesting putting someone to death is not a good idea. period.

You want them to experience hell? Award them a life sentence where they have to help those they fucked over get their lives back together. That should be a cautionary tail enough for anyone headed on a profligacy spree.

agreed, but the "pyramid scheme" joke was clever (think that made it just within your 1st 1/2).

Some of the people on this site are way to serious. I thought liberals were suppose to be hip? It sometimes seems like this site's being viewed by a bunch of Catholic Nuns or Conservative Librarians...Loosen up people!

I think locker room talk should stay where it is. I think talking about killing someone in front of a million + audience is irresponsible. What, Bill can't be funny some other way? I've laughter at plenty of his stuff, but I do think some things are over the edge and can stay there. I wish masses could be trusted not to be goaded, but there are a lot of angry people out there.

Sorry if this is too serious for you. Liberal generally connotes open minded and not laughing at everything just because. It's good that you responded all the same.

bugjah - The pyramid scheme made it in for me; I didn't time the clip. ;~)

Yeah just so you know that wasn't directed at you personally gypsy sister, just a general observation. People are very passionate on this site, and I think that causes some of them to take things like this a little to seriously, that's all I'm saying.

all good.

And aren't librarians the new radicals? Or is that so last year? ;)

Loved it all except the killing joke.

Eliminationist humor is a rightwing favorite, and, I believe, plants a seed.

It is always reprehensible, whether from Coulter or Maher or anybody...

"Now we'll have to find somebody else to write the next stimulus package."

Great Pyramid joke, I agree.

Well I really hope you don't watch South Park then.

Bill Maher's joke wasn't racist, if you didn't find it funny is one thing, but at least he was owning up to the punch-line and the point he was trying to make with it.

I laughed.

I laughed hard at it all - great that a guy is still doing hard comedy...maiming the politically correct (in here, too).

He was JOKING, and there was nothing dubious about the way he served it, either. It could have been done completely deadpan, and I would still have laughed - because the content is itself absurd and therefore comical.

People in here need an unreality check.

This is where Mayer and most others of his ilk get it very wrong.

Greedy bankers aren't the problem. They were just making rational choices within the framework of the day, capitalism.


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