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Amazing - Louis CK



I didn't watch it because it won't go full screen.


I'm going to do exactly what he says next time I fly. I already enjoy flying, so maybe I'll do it to spread the cheer.

I wonder how long it takes for Dane Cook to steal this...

Just remember to flush over Kansas.

I love this guy. It's too bad hacks like Dane Cook basically stole his comedy routines.

He's coming to Seattle soon, but alas, my girlfriend and I are trying not to blow our money.

Amusing but really misses the point. It's not that people are idiots that makes them complain about technology. It's the unreasonably high expectations created by propaganda (aka PR and advertising) that causes this divide.

related to this...

I loved the other things he mentioned as well. My students have a way of making me feel old and crotchety for all the issues Louis raised. Only his presentation makes me laugh more!

Naaa, the PR and advertising only work because people are sheep. Idiots either way.

There's definitely a common thread in this bit and Maher's 'new rules' soliloquy (though Louis is funnier): we're a bunch of spoiled brats, and unless we grow up, we're in big friggin trouble.

Then again, the great depression (perhaps the last period in the US -other than during a war- where people really seemed to become less spoiled) followed the roaring 20's.

Can we do it again in this depression?

I don't know about that. I think Maher does a pretty much opposing view. He (and Jon Stewart, by the way) have bits on "technology doesn't work" in the sense that we're overwhelmed with useless technology. Maher even has a line "iPods don't work". iPods don't work? For fucks sake, did he ever own a CD changer?

You've probably seen more Maher than I, but I wasn't referring to technology per se. I was referring to the larger issue. Because the underlying theme in Louis' bit is not 'we should appreciate technology more,' but rather 'we should reflect on the world around us and our place in it just a little bit, OK?'

Yeah, I've seen Maher's opinions on technology in interviews and such, and this New Rules brushes on that. They're both implying that people nowadays are spoiled and stupid, but to Louis it is amazing, while to Maher it's gotten to the point of being useless, and he's used the absolutely CRAZY (not to say stupid) phrase "technology doesn't work."

Even when referring to the iFart, that technology has taken to such silly lengths, is testimony that it DOES work ASTOUNDINGLY well. That people are stupid is not technology's fault, there's always been stupid people, now we're just a different kind of stupid.

but to Louis it is amazing, while to Maher it's gotten to the point of being useless.

I missed a word there. "to Louis CK technology is amazing, while to Maher...

Louis killed as usual. For those that liked the clip check out Lucky Louie which ran for one season on HBO.

"...we're a bunch of spoiled brats, and unless we grow up, we're in big friggin trouble.'

So true...however I think getting rid of the dependence we have on credit is the first lesson to be learned from all of this. Buying shit that we can't afford, or don't currently have the money for has become an American trademark. We are a nation of people who like to enjoy things that we can not afford. A little responsibility goes a long way people.

You should see the shithole neighborhood I live in (though pretty safe), and the cars some of my neighbors have. Renting shitty apartments, but driving cars worth probably more than the friggin apt.


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