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A musical sensation from Venezuela

The Teresa Carreño Youth Orchestra contains the best high school musicians from Venezuela's life-changing music program, El Sistema. Led here by Gustavo Dudamel, they play Shostakovich's Symphony No. 10, 2nd movement, and Arturo Márquez' Danzón No. 2.



Seriously, I wish there was a higher-quality audio version of this one. My speakers are crying.

And I also wish most classical musicians took the stick out their asses and play like this. I remember watching a video of Paco de Lucía mocking classical guitarrists because when they got into a difficult part, slowed down, "made a funny face", and pretended it was feeling. He said he'd rather play it quick as it was meant, and a little dirty what the hell.

This was really inspiring! Thanks for posting this Norm.

Andyo, here's a great clip Norm posted last year. (this guy uses his ass to good effect)

Hey, I firsted that thread! I loved that one too. Obviously Zander is not one of the people I was talking about. He actually says it as well. Move your asses, people!

Since this reminded me of what Paco De Lucía said, I searched Concierto de Aranjuez on youtube. You can check out his performance compared to the others, quite a difference. Such elegance. The others look robotic, kind of like they are "too clean".

opps; my bad. i didn't even look at the comments.

Ahoy ye lads and lasses it's time to shake your asses.... (quote from a TLAP song a student of mine created)

here, fwiw, is my version of great music.

give it a minute, and check the subtitles. it's an important message from outer space.

andyo, if you'd like to see more sticks removed from more asses, this is for you.


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