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Word - The Audacity of Nope



i think colbert (and his writers) really nailed it there. and funny as hell, as a bonus. as far as balls for the washington monument, i always thought 2 of the pods from "2001-a space odyssey) would do nicely (with adjustments for scale). point being, I THOUGHT OF THAT BEFORE. haven't you? be honest.

and the DOT has boobs covered - on a highway near most US residents.

I love Colbert! Man, Jon's having a hard time keeping up comedy-wise these days. Colbert's role as O'Reilly Jr. is serving him well.

Ah, yes, put "no money where your mouth is." That's the GOP ticket.

Are you still convincing yourselves that you're "open-minded dissenters", not giggling partisans who are so happy the guy with a D next to his name got elected that you don't care what he does?

Every analysis of this "stimulus" bill has proven that it's not stimulus. Even the Democrat-controlled Congressional Budget Office slammed it, saying it won't put any significant money into the economy, and the insignificant money it does put towards stimulus won't be spent for more than a year. This is nothing but a gigantic pork bill - you can read it online and see that.

You are sitting back and smiling and patting yourself on the back while a charlatan and his cronies plots to steal $1 trillion tax dollars - on loan - to slush ACORN, buy condoms, and on and on. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

You mock what you don't understand. The Republicans have shown incredible backbone in standing up to this outright theft. The only reason Obama and Pelosi wanted the Republicans on board is because they know it won't work, and they want it to be 'bipartisan' when it fails.

Cutting taxes is how you get out recession. It's how we got out of the recession of the early 1980s. Meanwhile, the only example we have of the government trying to spend us out of a recession was proven to make a recession into a depression. But hey, that just means we didn't spend enough right?


you again. sort of nice try, but it's the same verbiage wrapped up in an up-to-date paragraph.

funny how you (you all?) never tire of this exercise...

I'll freely admit to being partisan - good ideas are good ideas whether they're partisan or not. I, too, have looked over the spending package, and what I see is a collection of long overdue improvements for the country. Put simply, government fixes roads, modernizes hospitals, and aids in the development of new energy technologies. All of these things aren't done by burning the money, people will be paid to do it. The people being paid spend their money and that stimulates the economy, and, even if it doesn't, at least we get better streets and hospitals out of it.

I can't believe anyone can fall for the Republicans tired claims which we've all suffered under for eight years - tax cuts are what works - ha! Now, the latest I read is that Guiliani said CEO bonuses stimulate the economy. Again - ha!


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