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Why They Love Monty Python



i guess it's true that as an american, you had to be at least a bit of a geek back then to "get" python. my guess is that it took more than your average american brain to make the cultural leap.

but i wonder about the british viewing public of the time. i bet they had total yobbos who enjoyed python in the same way they enjoyed, say, benny hill, or bashing each other on the head at soccer games. the "upper class twit" sketches come to mind..

it was interesting to hear about the simpsons/python connection from a simpsons person. thanks.

Oh the memories of my first love, wooing me in my dorm with a combination of cheap alcohol and his very funny version of monty pythons cheese sketch. That was in the days where we mixed our drinks in our turntable lids. Such memories.

cheese sketch

how do i make text links again?

put the text you want displayed in brakets [] followed (without a space) by the web address in parenthesis ()


[Must read] (

will look like this (after you remove the space between the ] and (

Must read

I hope that makes sense - I got a C in technical writing and I felt she was being gracious ;)

wow, i've been dying to know how to do that, but was too embarassed to ask. i'm sure norm would have been gracious about it (as opposed to saying something like "look it up, genius") but still...

so, thanks, k, for asking, and syngas, for answering. can't wait to try it out.

I think I've always done HTML here, I had no idea you could do that though.

Here is my comedy evolution in a nutshell. I taught myself how to read at around age four so that I didn't have to rely on mom or dad or brothers or sisters to read the comic strip Tiger from the Sunday funnies. Grade school was all about Mad magazine, still probably the most subversive publication in America. They lampooned everything about our culture and didn't accept advertisements. From here the next literary step was National Lampoon. In between these magazine came the Marx Brothers. I used to tell my parents I was going to the early Catholic mass and go play across the street at the park. When they left for 11:00 mass I would come home and watch Marx Brothers movies on TV with my friends. I was 12, the perfect age to be initiated. Then one night when I was a sophomore in high school (15), I came home and discovered Monty Python on the local PBS channel. I was laughing so hard I woke up my younger brother. We were both hooked.

Fire Sign Theater and Monty Python... my brain dined on both.

ahhhhhh!! firesign theatre! there's an example of a purely american comedy troupe who's sheer quality and sophistication rival monty python. but they are not well known, and they've been defunct for a long time. norm, you ever hear of them? a lot of it is drug humor, so you might not be interested. just curious.

Thanks for reminding me on how to do that, i am wondering on your chosen link??? A canadian article on private health care? Very controversial here, not all canadian doctors want a parallel private system. A new topic perhaps.

heh heh

nah, just playing with ya ;)

You didn't think I'd give you something for free did you?


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