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The Sunday Funnies



i'll go for leno here, although i usually balk at the smarminess factor. and here's why:

comedy is best, imo, when either the performer and audience are completely at odds on a topic, or completely in sync to the point the comedian doesn't even have to finish his jokes. this bit is an example of the latter. here,the implied subtext is that it's already known and accepted that dubya is an idiot. and furthermore it's ok to say so on tv. i love america.

and thanks, george, for the 24 billion. oops, sorry, i don't have change, can you let it slide?

comedy. what intelligent people do when they're bored. or threatened. or being paid for it. or, darn it, just naturally funny. :)

is "implied subtext" an oxymoron? pedantsareus?


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