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"So Help Me God" Lawsuit



so help me god

so help me allah

so help me to a big plate of noodly appendages

"We would be, in effect, establishing atheism as the national religion..."

OH NOES, we'll have to go to atheist church every week and say atheist prayers every day and pray to... to... um... hey, wait a minute...

I'm glad somebody else caught that as well... that is, "we would be in effect establishing atheism as the national religion..."

Oh yeah, and he said, "ironically" in the same sentence.

Yes indeed, ironic alright.

Aren't there better ways we could spend our time? I understand what the guy wants, but aren't there bigger fish to fry?

Agreed. Like, how about getting rid the the office on religious affairs?

This is just dumb.

Aren't there better ways we could spend our time? I understand what the guy wants, but aren't there bigger fish to fry?

Although I understand the point you are making I find this sort of argument a little silly, unless you believe the suit is so trivial as to be worthless. That it is going forward doesn't mean others can't be frying the bigger fish you want to fry. It's a false dichotomy, to claim otherwise but perhaps that's not your point at all.

If you believe as some do that all religious intrusion into the affairs of state should be challenged, that any concession leads to further concessions. It is a slippery slope argument but one that is not without some merit.

When it comes to church and state issues multi-tasking is called for, and I think we should celebrate all efforts, not belittle them.

I agree in principle but I also feel that the battles should be chosen wisely. When Xtians are already on edge due to a manic persecution complex, jabbing them with a needle over a few words in an oath seems more harmful than helpful.

I'd rather save the confrontations for serious issues like Faith-based initiatives, Religious based government agencies or departments, Religious/political advocacy (such as Mormons and Prop 8, evangelicals and presidential meetings, etc.), religious doctrination in the military and things like this.

All the little stuff just adds fuel to their "persecution" fire with little gain for secularism.

Why watch even a minute of Fox News? Or listen to Ann Coulter? The only reason this shit exists is because we allow it to exist by paying attention. Why support it in any way, shape or form? All we are doing is aping the tactics of conservatives whose raison d'être is to point out liberal outrages.

You don't stare at the sun either, do you?

The right isn't Tinkerbell you know. It doesn't cease to exist if we stop believing.

The right isn't Tinkerbell you know. It doesn't cease to exist if we stop believing.

Ann Coulter and Fox News (among many others) can't really exist unless we allow it. If we didn't tune in it would be like the tree falling alone in the forest. Why should what these creeps say matter to thinking people? Go look at a conservative web page and all they do is talk about outrages committed by liberals because their own views our empty and have been disastrous. They have nothing to add to the conversation.

I also don't read the worst novels, or listen to shitty music, or watch lousy movies. Does this make them go away? No, but it keeps me from polluting myself. Think of Fox News as The Da Vinci Code of news sources. Tuning in to this crap doesn't make us more interesting or informed.

because conservatives will keep watching and.... Know thy enemy.

I think this suit would have a lot more punch if the President-elect was in support of it. But as the clip explained, Obama has no intention of alienating his christian voter base.

Speaking in term of pure practicality: Obama knows he will need all the political capital he has to get America to accept a TRILLION dollar deficit in 2009. As national debt rises above 10T, and the economy continues to limp along, I don't expect Obama to be taking on any pet projects.

His record is crystal clear: thanks for your vote, now piss-off.


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