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My Favorite Inauguration Moment

The Fingers Were Live but the Music Wasn't



how were they able to play in this cold weather?

It was like 28 degrees. That's not cold

Yeah, 28 degrees is very cold to be playing a woodwind instrument in particular, like a clarinet; it'd be a real feat to prevent the wood from cracking. I can't imagine they would have been playing their most prized yesterday.

Can I just say, too, that it was nice to see JW pulling off an arrangement that didn't sound like a movie soundtrack--that was quite beautiful. Maybe he should dabble in pure classical composing more often.

I heard at least one of them was playing an instrument made of Clay.

I like it how Sacha and Maliah (sp?) couldn't keep their eyes off of the performers when most of the adults had turned back around to sit more comfortably. Yay for kids!

They definitely were playing the crummy instruments outside. All union rules broken!!!

Sasha and Malia


I think it might have been mine, too. It really says something, though, when the hymnal arrangement (though Simple Gifts is itself not a hymn) are the least religious part of a proceding.

Huh. Makes me look at 'lord of the dance' a whole new way. (Really big in Scotland that. Never quite new why).

I'm sure they had heat coming into the area somehow. It wouldn't be 68 or ideal but certainly warmer than what it would be otherwise (warmer than 28).

Keeping those instruments in tune would also be very difficult. Heaters may even make that more difficult.

It was a lovely moment though. Thanks Norm. *8)

It was previously recorded. No wonder it sounded so good! Explains how it stayed in tune!

They did an excellent job of strumming along


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