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Moyers on Mideast Violence



my father sent me a really bullshit and racist article defending israel, so i sent him this video along with the following response:

It's not about self defense, it's about stereotyping a group of people who are poor and beaten down as terrorists and killing them like fucking dogs. it disgusts me. are they no more human than the jews are? perhaps it's my own self-destructive objectivity, but i think that's bullshit. there is a human face to each of those 700 people, and you think this will solve something? the husbands and wives and children of the dead are now radicalized exponentially and these people who are already living in shit conditions are now out of a productive family member and far worse off. in the end this bombing is nothing short of criminal and i refuse to allow such atrocities represent me as a jew. so when someone sticks that gun to my head and chooses to kill me based on my race, they will have 700 more reasons to pull the trigger, thanks a fucking lot israel.


I appreciate your thoughtful and passionate comment. As a US citizen I feel shame over our country's "approval" for the slaughter of the people who are just trying to survive (living in the Gaza strip).

Oi - going through all of these articles is exhausting, to say the least. I hate to hear of retribution for Gaza by violence against Jews in other countries as much as I hate to hear about the war in Gaza. The LA Times editorial seemed to sum up the quandry (OK - just how does one spell that word?).

I hate to use a cliche, but it's time to think outside the box in the world where terrorism jabs at our societies like Huns, Visogoths, Vandals, and the like. We'll be more than blind and toothless if we fight fire with fire. Fanning the flames of terrorism only results in more destruction. Little - if any - progress has been made in deterring terrorism with rocket fire.

Will our world leaders be willing to brain storm us into a new era? Will we as a thinking public prod them?

Wow, Reasonable discussion on the middle east. I didn't know such a thing existed.


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