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Links With Your Coffee - Friday


In the interest of fostering rational arguments I'm going to present a common fallacy with each day's links. Today's fallacy is: Wrong Direction



re: the updike poem: maybe they should put THAT on the side of a bus and follow it with "so stop worrying and enjoy your life". a shameless lift from bobby mcferrin, btw. :)

re: your chosen updike quote from scientific american: sounds just like our venerable one evil axis- who hasn't posted in awhile...could it be?...

Talk about a treasure trove of reports on fundamentalism vs. secularism.

Great stuff Norm!

Although I agree with most of the isolated points made by Hari, uses a bait-and-switch tactic. The article begins by talking about MORAL outrages and oppression committed by people, and then ends up talking about how there is no EVIDENCE for religion, and so it should not be respected. But by definition, a moral claim is not descriptive, it is normative, and so evidence is irrelevant. An atheist can demand a person be burned at the stake as well as a religious person can, and the reason WHY you are burning them is irrelevant. Both atheists and religious people can uphold human rights. The desire for universal human rights stands on its own. No religion, or other philosophy, should be able to undermine it. The viewpoint of the violators of human rights doesn't matter.


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