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Links With Your Coffee - Monday


In the interest of fostering rational arguments I'm going to present a common fallacy with each day's links. Today's fallacy is: Fallacy of Exclusion



I also like Feingold's idea. Now if we can just push for clean/voter-owned elections for all states, that'd be great too.

And (lightly connected) Blago is skipping his impeachment hearings today to do do talk shows - The View and something else. Oi! He's a nutcase. One of my friends speculates syphillis.

As for Lie to Me, I might have to check this out on occasion; this is the 2nd thumbs up I've come across. 24 for the Bush years, Lie to Me for Obama years?

re: the cbs israel/palestine thingy:

pay no attention to the settler jerk in the talkback. i know him personally, he's a complete asshole.

I saw Lie to Me, too (on hulu) and I really liked it which surprised me since it got some really bad reviews. The guy threw out all kinds of interesting bits of information. I do wonder if it will be able to sustain interest since it is kind of a one trick pony but...I have a very limited imagination in that way and maybe there are all kinds of possibilities I can't even imagine.

The Evolution of Religion:

All that needs to be said:


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