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Links With Your Coffee - Thursday


In the interest of fostering rational arguments, I'm going to present a common fallacy with each day's links. Today's fallacy is: Hasty Generalization



Atheists consider them all cavemen. . .

i thought atheists LIKE cavemen. i know i do. oh, wait, you don't mean atheists. you mean social darwinists. that would explain your preference for these cavemen over those cavemen.

re: sara silverman- peed my pants again. thanks. still waiting for my ipod. oh, you mean i have to pay for it? after all that? wtf? :)

Re: English Lit - The op ed reads more like an english teacher who is getting tired of explaining to his students the implications of the books he wants to get rid of. yes the framing is "because we're supposedly in a post racial world, time to read the books that are more pertinant" as a basis for the essay, but the justification he uses is more of "get off my lawnisms" about "kids these days".

If he doesn't like explaining Huck Finn's use of language, use a damn daily show clip that uses similar language as satire to illustrate the point, there are hundreds of clips that do this.

And his wanting to get rid of "mockingbird" is completely misplaced and shallow. There are other themes in Mockingbird that make it a classic novel rather than just "racism is bad mmkay". Themes of death, groupthink, injustice... etc.

Time for the op-ed writer to start teaching shop... he sounds tired and it's his turn to ignore the kids enough for them to chop a finger off.

Re. "Oaf": I remember being criticized by my board on my Master's thesis, that my writing contained too many violations of said adverbial positioning rule. This was in the early days of online discussion groups, so I found a grammar forum where the experts there ridiculed my profs for their antediluvian grammatical rigidity. I quoted the most diplomatic of these replies to my adviser, and the matter was dropped. Still, he protested that the rule in question was straight out of "APA (American Psychological Assn.) Writers' Guidelines."

And now my daughter's running into the same nonsense in high school. Cults die slowly, but die they will.


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