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Links With Your Coffee - Wednesday


In the interest of fostering rational arguments, I'm going to present a common fallacy with each day's links. Today's fallacy is: Style Over Substance



The commentary from The Independent is one of the most straight and honest assessments of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict - and our own War on Terror - I have read. I almost felt a relief at reading it. The hypocrisy of calling refugees with no home, no rights and little options "terrorists" while hailing the nation that boxed them in and changes the rules of engagement to fit their current political desires at whim while unleashing the force of it's massive military to terrorize the Palestinians as the one in need of our defense is perfectly stated. The jab about "illegally" attained weapons was beautiful.

Say what you will about Hamas, the plight of the Palestinian people is one of the worst humanitarian travesties in our inhumane world.

"Never Again" my ass.

I do not wish to defend in the least Israeli actions in Gaza. Nonetheless, calling Israel a terrorist organization and suggesting they use Hamas weaponry is absurd. Israel is a state that has a responsibility to protect its citizens and is accountable to international opinion. Hamas is not; they are a terrorist organization who uses civilian and U.N. sites to launch rockets. Terrorist don't defend populations, they only slaughter innocents. And that is a deep difference, whether or not one finds Israel's recent Gaze policies morally repugnant and politically disastrous, as I do. By the author's reasoning, every act of war would be an act of terrorism.

re: mark, mark steel, and his martini of dry wit:

this guy sounds like me- mixing humor, sarcasm and polemics to make no fucking sense whatsoever. i understand the need to blow off steam, but maybe mr. steel should limit himself to what i do- reacting to the articles instead of writing them himself.

or i could do what he does- i can certainly crank out humorous stupidity for some digital rag- but there's no money in it, so why subject myself to having a boss and a deadline? and what would you guys do without me? pick your teeth with the splintered bones of your prejudices? (tm)

re: the "new scientist" article- it was great to see my old friend the tautora fighting woo in the modern world. as a child, my "imaginary friends" were the ceolocanth, the tautora and the mudskipper- all "living fossils" and/or transitional forms.

what was really interesting for me here was the article linked to within the article norm linked to about the tautora, which stated that according to new research, the tautora is not only a living fossil, but also the fastest-evolving land creature known. how this could be i have no idea. it's a shame there wasn't more information on offer regarding such an obvious paradox. but i always wondered how "living fossil" and "transitional form" could coexist in one animal.


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