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"What’s wrong with an immediate cease-fire that doesn’t have to be sustainable and durable if, during the pause that you get from an immediate cease-fire, something longer-term can be negotiated?"

-from the mediabloodhound article.

the answer is pretty simple:neither israel nor anyone else, really, wants a long-term ceasefire with hamas. this just gives them time to re-arm and dig in (their main specialties since giving up on helping the needy about, oh, 8 years ago). a lot of people around the world want hamas simply "removed", including the egyptians, saudis, iranians (!) lebanese gov't and of course, americans. the israeli's NEED them removed in order to pursue their dreams of a "two state solution"-yes, even the likud endorses it.

one of many reasons the time is right now is that hamas no longer cares for the needs of poor people (that is, gazans) and prefers to expend it's resources in pointless attacks on the jewish state, proving itself at least as selfish and corrupt as fatah and losing support on the legendary "palestinian street".

the only serious players pushing for a ceasefire are the two israeli party leaders (who just happen to be the current foriegn minister and defence minister) running against the heavily favored likud under netanyahu in the upcoming elections in what, 3 weeks?

see a connection here?

oh about the iranians, i believe i misspoke. the don't necessarily want hamas removed. they just want the war to continue as a distraction from their nuclear program.


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